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We fix your Wordpress issues

WordPress White Screen of Death Repair - $30

The WordPress white screen of death is one of the most frustrating issues for a website administrator. A white screen can lock you out of your WordPress dashboard, and make the website look like a blank canvas.
We can quickly fix this Wordpress issue and get your site back on track.

WordPress Syntax Error repair - $30

This error usually occurs when the code has incorrect syntax. This will result in a PHP parse error and your Wordpress will stop working with "syntax error" message.
We can quickly fix this Wordpress issue and get your site back on track.

Wordpress Internal Server Error Repair - $30

This error usually happens when there is something wrong, but the server is unable to identify where the problem is. Since the error message does not indicate where you should look for the error, it will turn you crazy looking for the solution.
We can quickly fix this Wordpress issue and get your site back on track.

WordPress Website Moving or Migration - $30

Going to move your WordPress website from one domain or hosting to another? It's a complicated and frustrating job, why bother when we can do it for you. Our WordPress expert will fully migrate your WordPress website to wherever you like and make it work flawlessly

Other WordPress issue - $30

If you can't find your specific issue in our list, don’t worry. There are a lot of things that can happen with WordPress and it would not be possible to list them all. One thing we can say is that whatever issue you are having with your WordPress site, we can fix it for only $30.


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    Larry at Procare has worked on my wordpress site on a couple of occasions and has fixed the problems very quickly and without fuss. He is one of the best WP coders I have come across and have no reservations in recommending him highly.

    Anthony Hendriks

Understanding Wordpress issues

There are 4 types of Wordpress issues

WordPress Platform Issues

WordPress can be crazy sometimes and new versions can cause issues. We will debug to fix your website and make sure there are no remaining issues.

Wordpress Plugin Issues

Plug-in crashes or conflicts happen often and cause a number of problems on a website. We will debug to identify and fix all your plugin issues.

Wordpress Theme Issues

As WordPress ‘gurus’, we have enough experience to fix any kind of WordPress theme issue and get your website running efficiently in a short time.

General Website Issues

Have something that just does not make sense and need it fixed? We have experienced many strange issues and can fix them all for you.

Common WordPress issues

  • Lost admin password & email retrieval is not functioning.
  • WordPress admin dashboard is not displaying properly.
  • Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by.
  • WordPress blog and admin is showing blank page.
  • Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted- 404 error.
  • You are not authorized to view this page (403 error)
  • Fatal error undefined function is_network_admin()
  • Wordpress admin login 404 issue
  • "Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance" message remains after an automatic upgrade
  • Can't update Wordpress or plugins.
  • Images are gone and are showing broken image placeholders.

Our Guarantee is Super Simple

We don't want to make this complicated…

- An issue is defined as a single problem that you present when you submit your ticket

- We will backup your website first so you will not loose anything during our service

- We will not ask for more than $30 per single WordPress issue

- We will work on your issue for up to 12 hours or until the issue is resolved

- If your issue is not resolved within 24 hours, we will refund your $30 payment

- We value you not the payment and will also refund for any reason you may have regarding our service.

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